Parliament and Extractive Industries: Extractive Industries Workbook




Thank you for registering for the Parliament and Extractive Industries course! The course began on Monday, April 4, 2011.

The Moderator of the Learning Module is Cindy Kroon, a member of WBI's Parliamentary Strengthening team.

During the course of this learning program each participant will be responsible for:

  1. Reading the handbook with the learning module as an optional additional resource;
  2. Participating every week in the online discussion forum; and
  3. Completing a final project.

Each week all registered participants will receive an email with instructions for completing the weekly course work. This workbook page will also include that information in the table below.

Please visit the discussion forum to introduce yourself to the group and explain why you believe the content of this course will be relevant to you. Then you must participate in the discussion forum every week in order to receive credit for this course.

Please begin by reading through the weekly instructions found in the table below!

Weekly Instructions Readings Self-Tests Discussion Questions
Week 1 Pages 1- 18 of the handbook; module Intro optional reading Self Test Week 1

1.Legislator knowledge of EI

2. Transparence and Participation in EI

Week 2 Page 18-32 of the Handbook. Self Test Week 2

1. Your Country and the Resource Curse

2. The Oil, Gas and Minerals Sector and the Budget

3. How to Prudently Budget Using EI Revenues

Week 3 Page 32 to 50  

1. Extraction Consequences and Your Parliament

2. Contracts and the Public

Week 4 Page 51-62  

1. Your Country and EITI

2. Parliament and Revenue Oversight

3. Committees & EI?